What May Surprise You About Dementia Rates

Dementia in its various forms is, quite properly, a syndrome that is receiving more and more attention, in the media, in medical writing and research and in the law. I was a bit surprised then to learn from an article in the New England Journal of Medicine that dementia rates, by percentage of population, have actually declined since 1982, according to a number of studies reviewed. Of course, in real numbers cases are on the rise given an aging and longer-living population. However, it is good to know that advances in prevention and treatment are being made, even if slowly. It was interesting to note some of the factors highlighted in preventing or forestalling dementia, being “improving educational opportunities in both early and later life, reducing vascular risk factors, and promoting greater physical activity”.

One Comment to “What May Surprise You About Dementia Rates”

  1. Thanks. This is a great example highlighting the benefits of health education and illness prevention.

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